Friday, October 29, 2010

For my beloved mak

The last 3 days was the birthdays of 3 important people in my life. My sis, mum and belated dad. We used to celebrate the special day together. But now.. I just can wish them from far. This one is special for the most beloved woman of my life..
Mak.. this one is for you...

If I ever owed anyone this much,
The person can only be u,

I owed u my smile,
Which u brought to my face,
With ur understanding and laughing,

I owed u my childhood,
Which u had coloured,
With the colour of happiness,
And sweet memories,

I owed u my teen age,
Which u gave full freedom,
Yet never less care,

I owed u my knowledge of living,
Which u had taught,
All my life through,

And most of it Mak,
I owed u my whole life,
As all that I have today,
My smile, my knowledge of living,
My childhood and my teen age,
Because of you...

For your patience, care
And most of it……
Your unconditional LOVE.
I’ll be in your dept FOREVER.

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