Monday, May 2, 2011

the lousy cook

I am such a fussy eater eventhough I am a very lousy cook. Sometimes (or should I say most of the time) I really wish I could cook like my mum. Very unfortunate for me, all her cook talent went to my sis.

Still, as bad cook as I am, I still cook for my beloved. He is a fussy eater too but then, he had to bend to my skill level. Hehe. So, pitying him, I tried to make something new now and then ('new' in the term of something I had never cook before).

So being in a good mood last two days, I made donut. Yeah. I know. Ape la heran sangat wat donut kan. Tapi susah tau nak wat donut yg gebu. Nak2 yang gebu dia tahan lama. I googled and found the recipe here So I tried. Ohhh... jadiiiii! Gebu tau donutnya. Lama pun gebu lagi. Puas hati. I even frozen the doh (siap2 bentuk) and fried it the next day. Masih gebu. Suke (^_^)

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