Saturday, July 30, 2011

when he is away..

He's outstation. Again. This time quite long. And as usual, I'll be darn bored when he is not around. Time seems to crawl and days to his return seems far away.

So this time, I'm prepared. I occupied myself. I'd garden, cleaned the shoe's rack area (which need cleaning badly), cleared the washing area, scrubs the floor, did mini groceries shopping and stuffs. I did different things each day.

But somewhere, the dark feeling of loneliness is still there. And suddenly I found myself drove without thinking to his work place, knowing well he's not there. And when I reach there, I just park outside and cry. Yes, I CRIED. I guess I had reached my limits and need to let it go. Last few weeks had been hard for me and as strong as I wish I could be, the tense had got to my nerve.

Feeling relief after the cry, I drove back and treat myself (and my kids of course) with fastfood. Hehe.

And thank God he is back now.


jura said...

awk...sedih saya baca entry ni...

Norsi said...

awk phm ye apa saya rasa..

jura said...

itulah hati seorg isteri..