Monday, February 20, 2012

Entry penuh emosi

Sitting here watching my two little angel almost bring tears to my eyes. Oh how much I love them. Looking at Ikhwan's face while him watching television is.. oh I don't know how to describe it. He is so cute. Especially if the program is his favourite. Reaksi dia comeyyy la sangat.

And the sister is no less. Trying to imitate everything that she watch is really sweet to see. Make me realise how fast my little girl is growing. In few years she will be going to pre-school. Soon after she will be in her primary school and suddenly she's a teenager and need her own time. No more 'mum, i want a cuddle before sleep' or 'mum, draw dinousor for me please'.

oh.. i'm being emotional here. I guess I had to hug them and kiss them more before they start growing up and don't want to be kisses anymore. Heh.

p/s : and while i'm blogging here, Sakinah broke her kite's stick. So I am saying to her..'Kakak, your kite won't fly anymore. You had broken the stick'. She said nothing and silently put a sticker at the broken place and proudly say.. 'Dahhh..'

Ye lah kakak.. 'dah' sangat la ni. hehe.

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