Sunday, August 26, 2012

Food-fest for me

On the first weekend of raya, while others busy visiting family and friends, we in the other hand had a family day out. Thanks to en big boss that had kindly offered to bring us out for breakfast yesterday, I had a wonderful eat-all-you-can feast. I had nasi lemak, fried beehun, croissant with butter+jam, fruits, scrambled eggs, fish chips, kidney beans, sausages.. and it's only for breakfast!! Tamak eh! Well.. truth is I had a small portion of everything but it still so tamak kan. hehe.

Thanks my dear en big boss. It's it so nice of you to give me a break from all the keje dapur yesterday. Lain kali bole gi makan2 lagi eh. Hehe.

p/s : boring lak asyik entry takde gambo. jadi amek gambo dari google. heh.


Nasi lemak

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