Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sizzle - Julie Garwood

An early birthday present from him..

latest book by Julie Garwood. yeaayyyy. thanks a lot dear!

Had already began reading the book. And looking forward to finish it. I don't have the leisure of being able to sit and sink into one book till i finish anymore but it's ok. Going to read it slowly. Want to enjoy it. No rush.

I am one of Julie Garwood's loyal reader. I had read almost all her book. Or should I boldly said all? And the book that I like most is For The Roses. Oh how I envy Mary Rose for having the Clayborne as her brothers! I just love the way Julie Garwood include the strong family ties in all her book.

Really want to thanks my beloved for buying me the book. It may look simple but it means a lot to me dear.

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