Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i am melting

Seeing him playing the guitar on the stage, makes my heart beating fast. The way he play it, the shyness in his face.. GOD.. I fall and fall and fall in love again. He remind me of my silly old dream.

Being a hopeless romantic idiot, one of my silly dream during my not-so-mature days is having a guy who knows how to plays guitar as my man. I'd once told a good fren of mine that I will straight away fall in love if a guy play a guitar for me. Oh yes.. i am that silly huh.

In years, the dream had been forgotten. I have no longer keep the dream with me (eventhough sometimes I still find the idea of someone plays the guitar for me is hopelessly romantic).

Life goes on. I met someone. Fall in love. Get married. Period.

And GOD know best. It turn out that my man IS a guy who knows how to play guitar. He only play for fun but still..

my dream had come true.

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