Saturday, December 24, 2011

The cheeky boy

My boy had become more cheeky than ever.

For his sister to sleep (while him not!) is unbearable (for him). He will push, slap or hug till the sister woke. And when his sister cried annoyingly for being disturb while sleeping, he will run to a corner.. with a cheeky smile on his face.

For everything that his sister do or get, he must have the same thing. He even once asked his daddy to scold him when his daddy scold the sister (pegi depan abahnya buat benda salah yang sama kakaknya buat pastu cakap.. 'kai.. kai.. kai' sambil sengih2 - 'kai' means himself).

For the sister to have her own time peacefully without his interruption is.. not a chance. He will do anything just to hear the sister scream (which he will take as his victory moment).

And everything that belong to sister means it's him.

Fighting over sunglasses (and it's not even theirs at the first place)

And he keep cabut the laptop wire on purpose and say.. "oh no!" and then will busily try to connect the wire back to it place.. all the while pretending like a good kid.

I told you this boy is cheeky!

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